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New disclosures expose a cascade of apparatus failures and proceduralproblems within the oil rig explosion and spill nonetheless fouling the Gulf of Mexico..

Gimana yaa, mau bilang sayang, tapi kok kayanya kalo udah gede tuh lebih tepat nunjukin sayang pake perilaku.

Google guides and Google scholar (equally of which have troubles if not employed cautiously, clearly show a far number of this for "development myths" then "development narratives". Also, myth and narrative usually are not synonymous. In some instances There exists a obvious narrative - there is a narrative in Genesis and There exists also a Genesis creation fantasy, but For a lot of myths there isn't a solitary narrative, Tale, account, and many others.

Danna la girrno ja giedaj gässá rejnat ja lip barggam nav ålov vaj mån ållu skihpahiv dal, tjåttå la båden ja snuobas, så uddni iv la ålojt dahkam gå unnán skåvllåbargoj tjállám. Ietján lip juo tjuojggamgilppusijt álggám, vuostasj lij vásse ájllega.

They had a number of Thoughts, together with that Johnson would come up with a great evening meal get together visitor. They’d not heard of Lord Wyatt’s daughter.

three March at 23:47 […] legal method, chiropractors are counting the fiscal fees of An important backlash ensuing from a libel action which includes remaining the Lord Main Justice “baffled”. What was originally a dispute concerning the BCA and one science author around free of charge speech is becoming a […]

And that's interesting @Casliber... some will concur with you plus some is not going to. But it surely will not make any difference any longer in the event you or I like them or not. It has been resolved. We have to use them at wikipedia despite sourcing, and any English alphabetic sort is not allowed to be proven any where Except We have now it from the individual in dilemma's very own lips. That may be what we stick to below. Fyunck(click) (talk) 21:fifty four, six May 2014 (UTC)

aku lebih seneng bertahan di perusahaan swasta daripada peenes (kecuali bpk & ppatk), yaa kalo dapet rezeki ke bumn kayak mas pacar sih ga nolak loh ya Allah... hehee. cuma pengen pindah industri dari migas, pengen ke konstruksi atau apaa gitu. selama belom nikah sih, karena engga tau nanti kalo udah nikah bakalan dilarang kerja atau ga. dulu aku pernah deh kepikiran bikin arrangement pra nikah gitu, isinya ga bole larang aku kerja.

I believe you must modulate that - it ought to be "Will we use diacritics as These are Employed in responsible english sources which by themselves are able to applying diacritics". It is actually pointless to utilize a black and white guide to argue about the colour of Picasso's paintings, and in the identical way it is actually pointless to work with a supply that hardly ever takes advantage of diacritics whether or not Francois must be spelled François.

Jurdil ovdamearkka dihte ahte mii HUI hárve vuoittáhallot čuoigamiin! Daid beivviid go Norga vuoitá de mon lean norggalaš, ja go Ruoha vuoitá de lean fas ruohalaš. Nu ahte mon vuoittán gosii ÁLO!

dapetin CA di tahun 2017 mudah-mudahan lancar. dan ga sabar juga nungguin regulasi baru buat BKP nya walaupun belum tau nanti keadaannya akan memungkinkan engga ya buat bisa jadi BKP here kayak bapa-bapak ibu-ibu yang pinter-pinter di luar sana. ga sabar juga minta rumah baru sama pak suami aku nanti :p

Muhto váikko nuppit eai beasa mu gohčodit norggalažžan, de muhtumin ieš oaččun diekkár albma norgga, dahje ruoha, dovddu. Muhtumin mus leat rievtti mielde veahá identitehtaváttisvuođat.

Why need to I shell out more cash for a thing that is technically avoidable? I hope you now recognize my query.

"If a particular incarnation of a comic book e-book-centered character results in being noteworthy in its own right then it ought to have its individual write-up such as Batman in film or Superman in movie"

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